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March 29, 2013: Weekly Multicultural Holidays Bulletin

STE's Weekly Calendar Alert Bulletin

A weekly bulletin to sensitize our subscribers to upcoming calendar events... breathes a little life, joy, and celebration into otherwise ordinary days.  

We also identify "Schedule alerts", those upcoming dates when organizations can expect unanticipated absenteeism, special days when those marking the occasion customarily take time off from work as part of religious practices, or just to celebrate the occasion with family and friends.  

Diversity at work - a fact in most organizations. A "branded" online multicultural diversity calendar like this
for your organization's intranet / extranet keeps your managers ahead of those events which will affect employee attendance.

Add a "branded"  Multicultural Calendar to YOUR organization's intranet and customize it with YOUR organization-specific dates, eg: Founder's day; date of IPO; company picnic, etc.

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International Year of Water Cooperation


Schedule consideration: National holidays or Religious days when individuals may want to take time off to observe the holiday.

*March 29, 2013
Good Friday  (Christian)
This day commemorates the passion and death by crucifixion of Jesus and is a solemn day. Italian Catholics have a procession called the Way of the Cross.

*March 31, 2013
Easter  (Christian)
This day celebrates the resurrection of Jesus from his grave. Most Christians welcome Easter Sunday with a sunrise service.


Schedule consideration: National holidays or Religious days when individuals may want to take time off to observe the holiday.

*April 14, 2013 (Bangladesh, Sikh, Hindu)
The first day of the solar year, this is an agricultural festival celebrating the harvest especially in North India. In Kerala, South India this day is called Vishu. Especially important to the Sikhs, it marks this day in 1699, when the tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh, established the order of 'Khalsa'. The festival is a mixture of feasting, dancing and worship.

*April 14, 2013 (Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand)
Songkran/New Year
In southeast Asia, Songkran is recognized as the New Year for Buddhists. For Thais, it is a three-day religious festival in which homes are routinely cleaned, and water is sprinkled on monks paying visits and on statues of Buddha.

*April 21-May 2, 2013: (Bahá'í)
Feast Of Ridvan
'Ridvan' means paradise and the 12-day festival is the holiest time for the Bahá'ís. It commemorates the 12 days that Baha'u'llah spent in the Garden of Ridvan in the last days of his exile in Baghdad and announced that he was the prophet whose coming had been foretold. The Bahá'ís do not work on the first, ninth and twelfth day of Ridvan.

*April 23, 2013 (Jain)
Mahavira Jayanti
This day celebrates the birthday of Lord Mahavira who was the 24th leader of the Jain religion and born around 599 B.C.

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