Friday, November 11, 2016

Friday, Nov 11, 2016: Holidays Today

American Samoa  Veterans Day
Angola  Independence Day
Austria  Saint Martin (B) [Regional/Government/Schools]
Belgium  Armistice Day
Bermuda  Remembrance Day
Bhutan  Anniversary of the 4th Druk Gyalpo / Constitution Day / GNH Day
Canada  Remembrance Day (not statutory in MB NS ON QC)
France  Armistice Day
French Guiana  Armistice Day
French Polynesia  Armistice Day
Guadeloupe  Armistice Day
Guam  Veterans Day
Malaysia  State Public Holiday (KTN) [Regional]
Maldives  Republic Day
Martinique  Armistice Day
Mayotte  Armistice Day
Micronesia  Veterans of Foreign Wars Day
New Caledonia  Armistice Day
New Zealand  Provincial Anniversary Day (Canterbury) [Regional]
Northern Mariana Islands  Veterans Day
Poland  Independence Day
Puerto Rico  Veterans Day [Banks/Government]
Réunion  Armistice Day
Saint Barthélemy  Armistice Day
Saint Martin  Armistice Day
Saint Pierre et Miquelon  Armistice Day
Serbia  Armistice Day
Sint Maarten  St. Maarten Day
US Virgin Islands  Veterans Day [Government]
USA  Veterans Day (widespread in gov. and fin. sectors) [Other]
Wallis and Futuna  Armistice Day

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