Saturday, May 07, 2016

Sunday, May 8, 2016: Holidays Today

Belgium  Fête de l'iris (Brussels Region Day) [Municipal/Government]
Czech Republic  Liberation Day
France  Victory Day (Armistice 1945)
French Guiana  Victory Day
French Polynesia  Victory Day
Guadeloupe  Victory Day
India  Maharshi Parasuram Jayanti (GJ HP) [Regional]
India  Rabindranath Tagor Jayanti (WB) [Regional]
Lebanon  Resistance and Liberation Day
Lithuania  Mothers' Day
Martinique  Victory Day
Mayotte  Victory Day
New Caledonia  Victory Day
Puerto Rico  Mothers' Day (Día de la Madres)
Réunion  Victory Day
Saint Barthélemy  Victory Day
Saint Martin  Victory Day
Saint Pierre et Miquelon  Victory Day
Slovakia  Liberation of the Republic
Wallis and Futuna  Victory Day

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