Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Thursday, May 26, 2016: Holidays Today

Austria  Corpus Christi Day
Bolivia  Corpus Christi
Brazil  Corpus Christi Day [Ponto Facultativo]
Croatia  Corpus Christi Day (Tijelovo)
Dominican Republic  Corpus Christi
East Timor  Feast of the Body of God (Corpus Christi)
Equatorial Guinea  Corpus Christi Day
Georgia  Independence Day
Germany  Corpus Christi (BW BY HE NW RP SL SN TH) [Regional]
Grenada  Corpus Christi Day
Guyana  Independence Day
Haiti  Corpus Christi
Liechtenstein  Corpus Christi Day
Monaco  Corpus Christi (Fête Dieu)
Poland  Corpus Christi Day
Portugal  Corpus Christi (Corpo de Deus)
Saint Lucia  Corpus Christi Day
San Marino  Corpus Domini (Corpus Christi)
Seychelles  Fete Dieu (Corpus Christi)
Spain  Corpus Christi (CM) [Regional]
Switzerland  Corpus Christi (AG AI FR GR JU LU NW OW SO SZ TI UR VS ZG) [Regional]
Trinidad and Tobago  Corpus Christi Day
Venezuela  Public Sector Holiday [Government]

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