Thursday, December 08, 2016

Thursday, Dec 8, 2016: Holidays Today

Albania  National Youth Day (Dita Kombëtare e Rinisë)
Andorra  Immaculate Conception Day
Argentina  Immaculate Conception Day
Austria  Immaculate Conception Day
Chile  Immaculate Conception Day
Colombia  Immaculate Conception Day
East Timor  Immaculate Conception Day
Equatorial Guinea  Immaculate Conception Day (Patrona de Guinea Ecuatorial)
Falkland Islands  Battle Day
Guam  Santa Marian Kamalen (Our Lady of Camarin Day)
Italy  Immaculate Conception Day
Kuwait  Holiday for the Prophet's Birthday
Liechtenstein  Immaculate Conception Day
Macau  Immaculate Conception
Macedonia  St. Kliment Ohridski (St. Clement of Ohrid)
Malta  Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Monaco  Immaculate Conception Day
Nicaragua  Immaculate Conception (Fiesta de la Gritería)
Northern Mariana Islands  Constitution Day
Panama  Mothers' Day
Paraguay  Virgin of Caacupé Day
Peru  Immaculate Conception
Portugal  Immaculate Conception Day
San Marino  Immaculate Conception Day
Seychelles  Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Spain  Immaculate Conception (Inmaculada Concepción)
Switzerland  Immaculate Conception (AG AI FR GR LU NW OW SO SZ TI UR VS ZG) [Regional]
Uzbekistan  Constitution Day (Konstitutsiya Kuni)
Vatican City  Immaculate Conception Day

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