Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tuesday, Dec 27, 2016: Holidays Today

Anguilla  Christmas Holiday
Antigua and Barbuda  Christmas Day Holiday
Australia  Christmas Holiday
Bahamas  Boxing Day (day in lieu)
Barbados  Public Holiday
Belize  Christmas Day Holiday
Bermuda  Christmas Holiday
Botswana  Christmas Holiday
British Virgin Islands  Christmas Holiday
Cayman Islands  Boxing Day Observed
Christmas Island  Boxing Day
Cocos  Boxing Day
Cook Islands  Christmas Holiday
Dominica  Boxing Day (observed)
England  Christmas Day
Falkland Islands  Boxing Day / 1st day of Stanley Races
Fiji  Christmas Holiday
Ghana  Christmas Holiday
Gibraltar  Christmas Day (day in lieu)
Grenada  Christmas Holiday
Guernsey and Alderney  Christmas Day (day in lieu)
Guyana  Christmas Holiday
Hong Kong  The second weekday following Christmas Day
Ireland  Bank Holiday (not a public holiday) [Banks]
Isle of Man  Christmas Day (day in lieu)
Jamaica  Christmas Holiday
Jersey  Christmas Day (day in lieu)
Kenya  Christmas Holiday
Kiribati  Christmas Holiday
Macau  Bank Holiday [Banks]
Macau  The second working day after Christmas Day [Government]
Malawi  Boxing Day
Malawi  Public Sector Holiday [Government]
Montserrat  Public Holiday
Nauru  Christmas Holiday
New Zealand  Christmas Holiday
Nicaragua  Public Sector Holiday [Government]
Nigeria  Christmas Day Holiday
Niue  Public Service Holiday [Government]
Norfolk Island  Christmas Holiday
North Korea  Constitution Day
Northern Ireland  Christmas Day (day in lieu)
Papua New Guinea  Public Holiday
Rwanda  Christmas Holiday
Saint Helena  Christmas Day Holiday
Saint Kitts and Nevis  Public holiday
Saint Lucia  Christmas Holiday
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines  Christmas Holiday
Samoa  Christmas Holiday
Scotland  Christmas Day (day in lieu)
Sierra Leone  Christmas Holiday
Solomon Islands  National Day of Thanksgiving
South Africa  Public Holiday
Sudan  Western Christmas Holiday [Christian]
Tokelau  Christmas Holiday
Tonga  Public Sector Holiday [Government]
Trinidad and Tobago  Christmas Day Holiday
Turks and Caicos Islands  Christmas Day (observed)
Tuvalu  Christmas Holiday
United Kingdom  Christmas Day (day in lieu)
Vanuatu  Christmas Day Holiday
Wales  Christmas Day (day in lieu)
Zimbabwe  Public Holiday

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