Sunday, January 01, 2017

Monday, Jan 2, 2017: Holidays Today

bkhazia  New Year Holiday
Albania  New Year Holiday
American Samoa  New Year's Day Holiday
Anguilla  New Year Holiday
Antigua and Barbuda  New Year's Day Holiday
Armenia  New Year Holiday
Australia  New Year's Day Holiday
Azerbaijan  New Year Holiday
Bahamas  New Year Holiday
Barbados  New Year Holiday
Belarus  Public Holiday (workday moved to Sat. Jan. 21)
Belize  New Year Holiday
Bermuda  New Year Holiday
Bhutan  Winter Solstice (Nyilo)
Bolivia  New Year Holiday
Bosnia and Herzegovina  New Year Holiday
Botswana  New Year Holiday
British Virgin Islands  New Year's Day Holiday
Brunei  New Year Holiday
Bulgaria  New Year Holiday
Burkina Faso  New Year Holiday
Burundi  New Year's Day Holiday
Cambodia  New Year Holiday
Cameroon  New Year Holiday
Canada  Bank Holiday (QC) [Regional/Banks]
Cape Verde  Public Sector Holiday [Government]
Cayman Islands  New Year's Day (day in lieu)
Chad  New Year Holiday
Chile  New Year Holiday
China  New Year Holiday
Christmas Island  New Year's Day Holiday
Cocos  New Year's Day Holiday
Cook Islands  Second Day of the New Year
Cuba  New Year Public Holiday
Dominica  New Year's Day (day in lieu)
East Timor  Public Sector Holiday [Government]
Ecuador  New Year Holiday
England  New Year's Day (day in lieu)
Equatorial Guinea  New Year holiday
Falkland Islands  New Year's Day Holiday
Fiji  New Year Holiday
Gabon  New Year Holiday
Gambia  New Year Holiday
Georgia  New Year's Holiday
Ghana  New Year's Day Holiday
Gibraltar  New Year's Day (day in lieu)
Grenada  New Year Holiday
Guam  New Year Holiday [Banks/Government]
Guatemala  Bank Holiday (New Year's Holiday) [Banks]
Guernsey and Alderney  New Year's Day (day in lieu)
Guyana  New Year's Day Holiday
Haiti  Founders' Day (Jour des Aïeux)
Hong Kong  The first weekday in January
India  Mannam Jayanti (KL) [Regional]
Indonesia  Public Holiday (Cuti Bersama 2017)
Ireland  Bank Holiday (not a public holiday) [Banks]
Isle of Man  New Year's Day (day in lieu)
Jamaica  New Year Holiday
Japan  New Year's Day Holiday
Jersey  New Year's Day (day in lieu)
Kazakhstan  New Year Holiday
Kenya  New Year Holiday
Kiribati  New Year's Day Holiday
Kosovo  New Year Holiday
Kyrgyzstan  New Year Holiday
Laos  New Year Holiday
Lebanon  Bank Holiday [Banks]
Liberia  New Year's Day Holiday
Liechtenstein  Berchtoldstag [Banks]
Macau  Bank Holiday [Banks]
Macedonia  New Year Holiday
Malawi  New Year's Day Holiday
Malawi  Public Sector Holiday [Government]
Malaysia  New Year's Day Holiday (except JHR KDH KTN PLS TRG)
Marshall Islands  New Year Holiday
Mauritius  New Year Holiday
Micronesia  New Year's Day Holiday
Monaco  New Year's Day Holiday (jour chômé reporté)
Montenegro  New Year Holiday
Montserrat  New Year's Day Holiday
Mozambique  New Year Holiday
Namibia  New Year's Day (day in lieu)
Nauru  New Year's Day Holiday
New Zealand  Second Day of the New Year
Nicaragua  Public Sector Holiday [Government]
Nigeria  New Year's Day Holiday
Niue  Takai Commission Holiday
Norfolk Island  New Year Holiday
Northern Ireland  New Year's Day (day in lieu)
Northern Mariana Islands  New Year's Holiday [Government]
Pakistan  New Year Bank Holiday [Banks]
Palau  New Year's Day Holiday
Panama  New Year's Holiday
Papua New Guinea  Public Holiday
Philippines  Public Holiday
Puerto Rico  New Year's Holiday [Government]
Romania  Second Day of the New Year
Russia  New Year Holiday
Rwanda  New Year Holiday
Saint Helena  New Year Holiday
Saint Kitts and Nevis  New Year Holiday
Saint Lucia  New Year Holiday
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines  New Year Holiday
Samoa  New Year's Holiday
Scotland  New Year's Day (day in lieu)
Serbia  New Year Holiday
Seychelles  New Year Holiday
Sierra Leone  New Year Holiday
Singapore  New Year Holiday
Slovenia  New Year Holiday
Solomon Islands  New Year Holiday
South Africa  Public Holiday
South Sudan  New Year Holiday
Spain  Lunes siguiente al Año Nuevo (AN AR CL ML MU O) [Regional]
Swaziland  New Year Holiday
Switzerland  Saint Berchtold's Day (AG BE FR GL JU LU NE OW SH SO TG VD ZG ZH) [Regional]
Taiwan  Republic Day Holiday
Tajikistan  New Year Holiday
Thailand  New Year Holiday
Togo  New Year Holiday
Tokelau  Second Day of New Year
Transdniestria  New Year Holiday
Trinidad and Tobago  New Year's Day Holiday
Turks and Caicos Islands  New Year's Day Holiday
Tuvalu  New Year's Day (day in lieu)
Ukraine  New Year's Day Holiday
United Kingdom  New Year's Day (day in lieu)
US Virgin Islands  Public Sector Holiday [Government]
USA  New Year Holiday (widespread in gov. and fin. sectors) [Other]
Uzbekistan  Public Holiday
Vanuatu  New Year Holiday
Vietnam  New Year Holiday
Wales  New Year's Day (day in lieu)
Zambia  New Year's Day Holiday
Zimbabwe  Public Holiday

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