Saturday, January 28, 2017

Saturday, 2017-01-28; Holidays Today

Armenia  National Army Day
Bhutan  Traditional Day of Offering
Brunei  Chinese New Year
China  Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)
Christmas Island  Chinese New Year
Hong Kong  Lunar New Year's Day
Indonesia  Chinese New Year (Tahun Baru Imlek)
Macau  Lunar New Year's Day (Novo Ano Lunar)
Malaysia  Chinese New Year
Mauritius  Chinese New Year (Spring Festival)
Nepal  Sonam Lhosar (Tamang New Year)
North Korea  Seollal Holiday
Philippines  Chinese Lunar New Year
Singapore  Chinese New Year
South Korea  Seol-nal (Lunar New Year)
Suriname  Chinese New Year
Taiwan  Chinese New Year's Day
Thailand  Chinese New Year (Narathiwat, Pattani, Yala, and Satun) [Regional]
Vietnam  Tet Nguyen Dan (Vietnamese New Year)

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