Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Wednesday, 2017-03-1; Holidays Today

Bosnia and Herzegovina  Independence Day (FBiH) [Regional]
Brazil  Ash Wednesday  (until 2pm) [Morning/Ponto Facultativo]
Cape Verde  Ash Wednesday (except morning only in São Vicente) [Government]
Cayman Islands  Ash Wednesday 
East Timor  Public Sector Holiday (Ash Wednesday ) [Government]
French Guiana  Ash Wednesday (Mercredi des Cendres) (jour chômé d'usage) [Other]
Guadeloupe  Ash Wednesday (jour chômé d'usage) [Other]
Haiti  Mercrdi des Cendres (Carnival)
Jamaica  Ash Wednesday 
Marshall Islands  Nuclear Victims Remembrance Day (Bravo Day)
Martinique  Ash Wednesday (jour chômé d'usage) [Other]
Micronesia  Yap Day [Regional]
Mongolia  Lunar New Year Holiday
Pakistan  Public Holiday (Rawalpindi and Islamabad) (ECO Summit) [Municipal]
Panama  Carnaval (Ash Wednesday ) [Banks]
Saint Barthélemy  Ash Wednesday [Other]
Saint Martin  Ash Wednesday [Other]
South Korea  Sam Il Jul (Samil Day)
Spain  Día de las Islas Baleares (IB) [Regional]
Switzerland  Republic Day (NE) [Regional]
Tonga  Public Holiday (Mourning for the Queen Mother)

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